2018 Training Day 7 - Push It Real Good!

Due to a crazy Radiothon schedule last week I didn't get in any training time with Danielle... don't think I was slackin though! I got in a swim sesh and a little crossfit, but getting back at it this morning felt good! 

We got in some weighted lunges, one armed deadlifts, some ab work, & some sled pushing! We made this sled with a step bench and about 115 pounds worth of plates. Resourcefulness is key! As my co-worker said to me last week "Summer bods are made in the winter"! My goal... gettin tight like a tiger!!!!!!!!!! (Insert grunt here)

But seriously... if you've given up on any new year resolutions smack some sense back into yourself and work on just getting a gym routine set! Once it becomes habit you're body will crave it! January was a rough month for me with depression, but getting back into the routine has been amazing! My combo of anti-depressants and regular exercise and I'm feeling like myself again! If you're intimidated by the machines and not sure what to do... GET A TRAINER AT HEALTHTRAX! :-) 

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