2018 Training Day 6 - My First Workout As At 33

My first workout as a 33 year old and I'm for sure more in shape now than I was 10 years ago! 

I believe Danielle called these inverted back rows. At Healthtrax they have a circuit of nautilus machines that are always over seen by a trainer. Today we worked out next to this circuit area and I won't lie... I was quite proud of myself as a few of the people working out there made comments about how much I was beasting my work out!

I'm telling you... it's because of the 4 years I've had personal training at Healthtrax! I can think back to my first year training when I was what I call "skinny fat"... I was my lightest, but I had seriously neglected my muscles! I was lucky to lift a 10 pound free weight and now I'm pushing up 25 pound free weights. And I'm closer to that year one weight again, but my muscle weight is much greater! 

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