What Men & Women Really Want For Vday!

The dating App Zoosk did a little research and found women would like tickets to an event while men are a bit more sentimental and would like a framed photo of themselves with their significant other. Interesting... 

Now I don't have hate for this card company holiday, but I still have yet to have a good Valentine's Day. Last year I thought I was going to do well for myself... and on my end I was super thoughtful. I chalked up the lack of effort from the guy I was dating to he was super busy, but he at least made time for me. Little did I know that he was wanting to break it off and most likely didn't want to do it on my birthday or Valentine's Day so he waited a few days after the "holiday" to blind side me. I guess that was at least thoughtful. 

Now if I was in a relationship I would want flowers. They wouldn't have to be roses... just flowers! I don't care if you get a quick $10 bunch or heck even a single flower... in my 33 years I've never gotten flowers. What would you want for a little token of appreciation? 

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