My LANCO Song Obsession - Pick You Up

I'm loving this album from LANCO... the new single is "Born To Love You" which I love, but this tune below is my album favorite!!!! 


I heard from a friend of a friend

That you been staying home a lot lately

Just thought you should know you're not alone

I've been driving myself crazy

Thinking about the good timesBack when you were all mine

We were flying so high

Nothing but a blue sky

And my passenger seat misses you with me

I still got that '04 V6 and I ain't seeing anyone

I'll pick up the broken pieces

I can pick you up

I can pick you up

Don't you think by now

We should've found some way to be over eachother

Maybe our goodbye wasn't right

You and I ain't come and go lovers

Ain't no reason now for you to still be down

I'm on your side of town

Can you hear the sound of my engine running

Hey girl, I'm coming....

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