2018 Training Day 5 - Burning Off Emotions

Weighted lunges were necessary this morning! Shockingly I was not hungover and with only 6 hours of sleep I was itching to work out this morning! I had to burn off my feelings from This Is Us! 

Clearly I would have loved if the Pats won last night, but alas it was not meant to be & the Eagles nabbed their first title in franchise history! Good for them! It was a great game to watch. THIS IS US though... that had me way more distraught! I will not give you any spoilers in case you haven't caught up yet, but it was rough! 

If you watch the video you can hear some excitement behind me... that be one of Healthtrax's Tribe classes. Small group training. I've done a few of these sessions (they last 6 weeks) and I loved it. Maybe about 10 people in your group... I'll be honest... I'm competitive so in my group I would pick the fittest person and always try to beat them. It's why I liked it so much... I need to be pushed and that's how I did it. ORRR you can just snag yourself an excellent personal trainer. They have great trainers at Healthtrax... so far Danielle is whoopin my butt and I like it! 

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