2018 Training Day 4 - Churning The Butter

This week I've been avoiding too much arm work... Sunday I over did it just a little bit on my arms and my right lower tricep has been screaming at me! SOOOO this morning we went through a number of super sets where I had some weight to hold, but I wasn't really flexing the arm. Hopefully by the weekend it will be all good! 

We did a number of moves including the one below that I've named "Churning the Butter" ... 

This year I'm working with Danielle at Healthtrax. All the trainers are fabulous! If you're just starting to create your own workout routine I tell everyone it's smart to work with a trainer to assess where your at and to work on proper form. And for those of us who are regulars trainers are necessary to take your workouts to another level and to just plain kick your butt! 

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