2018 Training Day 2 - Healthtrax

Today was Day 2 of training with Danielle at Healthtrax! I'd say it went well! We moved through 5 different super sets... this was one of the moves in the 4th. Thrusters! We first started with the contraption behind me (it's called a Vipr), but it was too light. We moved to a heavier one which was still too light before ending with the 45lb barbell. BOOM! My only big fail of the morning... I packed everything in my gym bag to shower and change at Healthtrax except my make up bag! Good thing I work in radio ;-) 

How I felt after workout 1: After Tuesday's workout I was a little sore in the upper abdomen and my legs from weighted lunges. In fact when I woke up this morning I debated if I should tuck and roll out of bed because my abs hurt so much. It's all OK though because it means I'm working some muscles I've neglected! 

We meet again on Tuesday ... my plan in the next few days is A - to run on Saturday! It's gonna be 50 degrees! B - Hike and check out some castle ruins in Chesterfield NH C - perhaps get in some Cross Fit that I've been neglecting ... and I'm also excited because I ordered a swimsuit so I can do laps at Healthtrax in the pool!!! Hopefully it arrives early next week. And of course I ordered solid red so I can pretend I'm in Baywatch! 

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