Healthtrax Training - Here We Go!! 2018 Goals

This year will be my 4th year kicking off some butt kicking with personal training at Healthtrax. This morning I met with my trainer Danielle to talk about goals/what I need to get in shape for this year. First off... I'm running the Mother's Day Half Marathon in Hatfield this year (must train for this one), I'll be hiking Mount Khatadin this summer, & I'll be taking on my 6th half marathon for St. Jude in Savannah come November... SOOOOO my legs need some work! I informed her that I like lifting weights... she seemed excited about that! 

And we went over my numbers from their fancy In Body scale... note my heaviest was March of 2016 almost 170lbs. Currently I'm at 156 (my lightest) with a muscle mass of 66.4. The numbers are aight, but I need to get my muscle back up which means my overall weight may go up too... Honestly I'm OK with that. I've been open with my struggle with depression and this hasn't been a good month. I've been slacking from any physical activity for about a month and my appetite tanks when I'm depressed. Basically that's not a well fueled and happy 156. I know once I get back into a solid workout routine I'll start to feel much better and my eating will become regular again. 

Here's to getting back my mojo ;-) I'll be posting once again videos of my workouts/progress ... the one below is actually from 2 years ago... one of my favorite moves! 

In Body
Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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