My 2018 Mantra: Everything's Gonna Be Alright

2018 Everything's Gonna Be Alright

Not everyone makes New Year's Resolutions, but with the coming of a new year I think everyone takes some time to reflect on the last. 2017 had its high moments, but 2017 broke my heart.

I'm not going to go into this year full of hope that it will be the happiest I've seen in a long time, but I am going into it thinking everything's gonna be alright.

My biggest hang up in my life is that I'm still without a partner in crime. If I wanted to settle I could, but I don't. In the last ten years I've only found two people I thought were special hindsight one was a terrible choice and the other I'm still processing. Don't feel's not a unique story.

When I had my college roommate reunion in the beginning of December I felt whole. The six of us by choice lived together for 2 years and when I get around these women I'm reminded of my best me. I'm sure they would say the same. However, as the night went on we all had one thing in common. Not one of us was perfectly happy with our lives. Even the ones that seemed to me to have it all... career, job, husband, kids had their own hang ups too. Point... not everyone has it all. At least in our early 30s. I think subconsciously we all know this, but when things aren't going your way (go pound sand 2017) you tell yourself otherwise. That something is wrong with you (I'm real good at it).  

This year in addition to my baby bucket list of  things that I want to achieve I'm going in with an actual resolution. I'm going to have low expectations for 2018 and try to just go with the damn flow. Be a little more forgiving of myself and when shit gets tough I'm just going to keep telling myself "Everything's Gonna Be Alright" instead of the load of crap I get focused on! If I can do that maybe 2018 won't be all that bad!

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