Top 10 Concert Moments 17' & Behind The Scene Stories

I've been sifting through all my Instagram and FB posts from 2017 and I decided to rank my Top 10 concert moments of the year... and I'll even give you some of the behind the scene stories! 

#10 - KIP MOORE - Cape Cod Melody Tent! I took the trek with 2 of my best concert buddies and we even had matching shirts for this. Yes I wanted to be those girls. I'd like to think he remembered me... I did drive him to the gym once... so when he squeezed my arm and said good to see me I silently geeked. 

Cape Cod Melody Tent is a cool spot to see an artist a little stripped down and on a round turning stage. Can't wait to see him fully plugged in with new material for 2018

#9 - SAM HUNT - Maren Morris & Chris Janson at the Xfinity Theatre. Because you know every single one of his songs! Plus he's one of the nicest I've met and I saw a woman that pooped her pants in the parking lot. Billy Madison said "It's Cool To Pee Your Pants"... NOT POOP! I did give that woman a water and alerted someone that she should probably be looked at! 

#8 Luke Combs - November - House of Blues Boston! There were two albums this year I couldn't stop listening to all the way through... never skipping a song! This was the first - "This Ones For You" ... "Lonely One" is my fave off this album. 

#7 ERIC CHURCH - 2 Pink Lines! OK I saw him twice this past year...he's my favorite to see in concert. My voice is never in tact the next day. I was especially freaking out when he brought this one out to the crowd that had been there since the beginning! He let us know it hadn't been in the set list for about 4-5 years. 

#6 Cole Swindell at the Big E - we were able to get a few special KIX listeners backstage to meet Cole. "You Should Be Here" was a gift to so many people when it was released. For Gary it reminded him of his son Patrick who served in the military and was killed in a motorcycle accident here in Western Mass. Gary had gotten a bracelet a few years back to Cole who wears it in concert, but had never met Gary until this night. It was so great to see Gary thank Cole in person! 

#5 Dierks Bentley - COOLER FAIL! Dierks has a motorized cooler he rides around backstage. I decided a few drinks too many deep to give it a whirl myself. In the video you can hear me yelling it's not fast enough. What you don't see is when I whip the cooler from out from underneath me because I cranked the handle too fast. I did actually have a graceful dismount. 

#4 FGL - Backstreet Boys - Nelly - Chris Lane at FENWAY - My adult self and 16 year old self met that night. Actually what came out of my mouth when I walked into a room I didn't know would contain the Backstreet Boys was "16 year old me is freaking out right now"... I do believe AJ giggled a little. 

#3 Brad Paisley - Crushin It ON STAGE! This was mildly awkward and awesome all at the same time! Drinking beers on stage next to Brad while singing "Crushin It'

#2 Getting to meet Tim & Faith!!! This time I was prepared to speak! I didn't choke and even told them about the first time I saw them at the Garden in Boston 10 years ago with my college roomies. We were up in the nosebleeds and one roommate came back from the bathroom with paper towels. I thought in my drunken head it would be great if we could get that roll around the top of the arena so we could wave it and maybe just maybe they would see us! Well that didn't work. After I told the story Tim & Faith began to exit the room and Faith turned to me and said "If I see toilet paper around the crowd out there I'll know it was you"! I HAD AN INSIDE JOKE WITH FAITH! 

#1 - There was only one moment that could keep Tim & Faith from the top! How many girls dream about a country singer singing directly to them? Well I didn't exactly get that, but pretty damn close! Adam Craig! Now don't get me started on "Just A Phase"... I FREAKIN LOVE that song and I was sad that it didn't take off like it should have. 

In meeting Adam though I realized he was a writer on one of my favorite jams that Parmalee had a hit with "Close Your Eyes". Leading up to the show he was opening for Luke Bryan I tweeted up a storm putting on some pressure to hear this particular song! And backstage at the show Adam mentioned to me he and the band practiced a song they don't normally do in concert! AHHHHHH! Favorite Concert Moment of 2017!!! 

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