4 Jams You Should Be Hearing SOOON!

For 2018 I'm forecasting more ladies played on country radio!!!! Programmers it's time to get on board... I can already see the wave coming! 

Behind the scenes - each week we add new songs into our playlists. Yes we only have limited spaces and their is a science behind how we "program" your favorite country station. Now the Program Director/Music Directors across the country are the ones that have the say in when songs are added if at all. 

Us Radio DJs aren't just playing you whatever we feel like. My 3PM feature "My Play Of The Day" is partially my way of testing on you some songs that I love that I hope you will as well. When I play you the fresh jams let me know if you want to hear more of it! That's my ammo to push on the boss/the man that adds the new music :-) 

This week was fabulous because the in the top 5 most added songs to country stations there were 4 women. We haven't hid the fact the last few years that it's hard to get a woman added... I attribute some of this veil of silence lifted thanks to Bobby & his support for some under rated talent. 

Here are the 4 jams you may hear more of soon... if you have a fave hollah!! 

Cam - "Diane" 

Lindsay Ell - "Criminal" 

Carly Pearce - "Hide The Wine" 

and the return of TAYLOR SWIFT - "New Years Day" 

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