Matt Lauer - Are You Shocked?

I will say kudos to NBC for terminating Matt ... clearly whatever was brought forward was enough for them to deem it probable that he did something inappropriate. Clearly more details will come throughout the day I'm sure. What I did find interesting in the statement was that even though this was the first formal complaint in 20 years they don't believe that it was an isolated incident. 

If you are a regular watcher of the Today show like myself... I have it on every morning as I eat my breakfast... you know in the past there were plenty of rumors surrounding Matt and the firing of Ann Curry (who I enjoyed) and Natalie Morales who was put in a more correspondent of the Today show position. Hmmmmmm ... Personally, in the last few years it has been harder to watch him because he does not show a journalistic unbiased view when interviewing people. Ask all the questions... and don't go easy on people just because of your own political views. However, that's a whole other media discussion.

What's going on now ... FINALLY... is that women in positions of power have come forward and accused these men in high spots & because many of these women are respected people are finally listening. And now the flood gates have opened for all! Yes I'm sure there will be people out there making false accusations, but the majority are legit and we need to listen to everyone that comes forward and assume they aren't "jumping on a bandwagon". I've actually heard women in the last few weeks and have gotten pissed when they bring up a "bandwagon". My immediate question to them is .... how long have you worked in a professional setting? Do you have a story? So far every women's mine. 

I've now worked in this industry for 11 years. I've been on-air during all those years, but I've also behind the scenes worked as a Promotions Director & an Account Executive. In my early twenties is when I worked in Sales as an Account Executive. Now my boss at the time gave me a lot of accounts to manage that liked to deal with younger women. I was aware, but that didn't mean inappropriate behavior would happen. Most of my male clients were super respectful, but there was this one... 

It was at a business coffee with this particular client where the he soon turned his questions to my personal life... "Do you have a BF" line of questioning... He then reached under the table to grab my knee and let me know if I needed anything... anything at all ... he could help out. I was picking up what he was trying to throw down. I left that meeting, told my boss about it, and said I wouldn't be having any more face to face interaction with this client. I didn't want to cost the company any sales, but I was clearly no longer comfortable around this man. Right there... that has been part of the problem. People staying quiet and not calling people on their BS. Now in my thirties I have no filter or problem telling someone they are out of line. The shock of... OMG this still happens has worn off and I'm much more ready for a situation to arise. It's unfortunate I've had to learn that this is a thing that just still happens in business. 

I'm very pleased that all these men are finally having their shit called out. With anything change comes over time and this has been well over due. Peace out Matt Lauer. 

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