SNAPS - To The UPS Lady In Greenfield!

Amazon Prime wasn't something that I intended on snagging for myself. But this year my neighbor put me on her account. I started lightly using it for few things, but soon it became an easy "I can find anything I want" on this app app! 

I'd been collecting vinyl and needed a record player... I wanted a vintage suitcase record player in some sort of fun color! BOOM! I found it. However, when I ordered it I accidentally ordered 2. I was told it would be an easy process to return by regular Prime users, but I still had in my mind the idea that I would be waiting at a UPS Store trying to properly pack/tape and send out for longer than I desired. NOPE! 

This morning I stopped in at the UPS Store in Greenfield. The woman working the counter (young, blond, probably in her twenties) was super welcoming! She helped me pour those peanuts on top and then told me she would flip it, fill the other side with peanuts, & slap the label on for me without charging me for a whole roll of packaging tape. I was in & out in 5! What I had worked up in my mind as a process was super easy. 

Now tis the season for sending and returning packages. The line may not be as short as mine, but remember Santa's Helpers in our local packaging stores are people too! And they are people who are there to help! When you get the ants in your pants because we are "always in a rush New Englanders"... just breathe! 

Thank you Greenfield UPS Lady - I hope you have a delightful holiday season! SNAPS! 

Oh and here's a little "How To Amazon Return"... it's real easy! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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