Holiday Weight Gain Not That Bad... BUT...

So the average weight gain during the holidays is about one pound. Great! Right? Kind of... the average person never takes this one pound off. That's how in 20 years you end up 20 lbs heavier. 

My philosophy after serious binge eating this time of year... don't feel guilty, but don't get passive. This morning I made sure to get my arse up for 6AM Cross Fit. The workout has me walking like a baby giraffe today. Let me introduce you to a wall ball... I did about 64 in 4 minutes... (insert grunt here... insert Cross Fit joke here). 

I don't believe in diets ... I believe in balance and exercise. You just have to find what you like and what works. I avoided Cross Fit for years, but decided to give it a whirl for 2017 and I love it! 

How did you work off some of your turkey? Oh and watch a little video of my new favorite Insta obsession... "Heather - I Ain't Doin It"... when it comes to Cross Fit she'd rather catch her baby toe on a bed frame! She's hysterical! 

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