An App That Can Take Back Your Drunk Texts

So the messaging app "Line" next month will allow users to take back messages within a 24 hour period. When you send a regrettable text though... you need seconds... minutes tops! Otherwise the person has probably already read it. Good news for those who immediately realize they've made a mistake. Bad news for those who text... pass out... and wake up to a hot mess they created. 

I'd like to think I don't send that many drunk texts, but I'm def that girl that will stuff my feelings down... debate for hours if I should say something... then instead drink too much wine and send word vomit via text in my drunken state. I almost immediately regret it... so an app like this may be worth my download. 

Check out a tutorial on this app as is... the take back feature will be available next month. And if you want a good laugh listen to this Australian guy show off some funny drunk texts (warning ... their are some F bombs). 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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