My Top 5 Sexiest Celebrity Men ALIVE

Well People announced their 2017 Sexiest Man Alive as Blake Shelton. I find Blake to be a handsomely tall very funny man, but I've never looked at him and thought I would want to make out with his face... 

SO I put some serious thought into my personal Top 5 celebrity men -

#1 - KIP MOORE - Kip gets my top pick - Serious arm muscles, raspy voice, man scruff, & smile...BUT he also has an admirable "don't give a shiz" attitude about pleasing people just to be popular. I find him to be insanely talented & a genuine & giving person. I also once drove him to the gym before one of our Partner in Hope concerts and he sang in my car about something ridiculous...I've never sweat so much in my life from nerves. 

#2 - SCOTT EASTWOOD - The son of Clint Eastwood & he looks like a young version of Clint. Doesn't get more manly then that! 

#3 - MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY - I've always referred to this man as Matthew McCona-hey-heyyyy! I'm not sure if he regularly showers... sometimes he has a bit of a dirty hippie thing going for him, but I like it! This man never ages! 

#4 - BRETT ELDREDGE - Tall. Handsome. And I'd rank his humor as a bit silly. He clearly doesn't take himself too seriously and his dog Edgar is adorable! Package deal! 

#5 - SAM HUNT - Clearly a stud, but what I find most attractive is how much he loves to post about his wife now! I wanna be loved like he loves Hannah Lee! SWOON! At his Mohegan show last year he also through me off when in the meet & greet he started asking me questions about where he was ... a lot of meet & greets are picture and go... he genuinely was taking interest in everyone that came through to say hello to him. Super nice guy!

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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