The CMA Wins That Surprised Me

SOOOO... only 3 out of my 9 winner predictions were correct for CMA Winners. 

Male & Female Vocalist & Song of the Year (songwriter- Taylor Swift...check out her reaction)

In making my picks I def struggled between what I knew was popular with listeners and what I thought the CMA would really consider country. Remember this isn't a fan voted award show... it's an academy of country industry peeps that decide what is "country"... and they proved they still consider more traditional sounding artists that... I am totally OK with this I was just still a little surprised with two choices in particular 

Album of the Year... Chris Stapleton is amazing and has been cleaning up these past few years, but Miranda put out a freakin double album! Both excellent albums I just was really pulling for Miranda. 

Single of the Year - This goes to the artist... I struggled to pick this because although Keith's song is def more traditional country I thought it would be hard to ignore the massive success of "Body Like A Backroad".

Well those were my two real surprises... how bout you?

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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