Who Steals A Piece Of Your Leftovers???

I had a delicious dinner with girlfriends on Saturday night and took not only my leftover chicken piccatta home, but my friends eggplant parm too. Today I brought the leftovers for lunch. When I realized what was missing in the container I texted my friend first to clarify that she remembered me taking both leftovers home. In fact I remember almost not taking anything home because my piece of chicken wasn't that large. However, when I realized my friend didn't want here little bit for take home I thought both would make a lovely lunch so I packed them both up. 

Now let me pose this scenario... you see something like the below container your fridge at work with a few noodles, some eggplant parm, a dinner roll and a cut up piece of chicken... someone's leftovers right? Do you go into the container to see what's in there and pick out the leftover chicken picatta? HELL NO IT'S SOMEONES LEFTOVERS!!! The piece of chicken had clearly been cut up from all sides... and who just steals a piece of your leftovers not the whole thing. 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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