National Parks - Serious Price Increase

So after visiting my first National Park thanks to my Dad I decided that I was gonna work through all them! The 1st was Yosemite. Then Yellowstone/Grand Tetons. St John (The Islands). And just wrapped the Grand Canyon. 

Now upon entering the big parks you must pay to get in... per car it's about $30 for the most popular parks. Motorcycles are cheaper and if you're just going in on foot about $15 per person. WELL since our government slashed some funding it will go from $30 to $70 in 2018 for 11 of the most popular during their five busiest months. Check the 11 out.

They want to do some sprucing up of some of the features in the park... roads, campgrounds, facilities... Now I'm all for a little of a price increase to make sure everything stays beauteous for generations to come. However, the point of preserving these lands with government funding was so that we as Americans could all afford and experience these amazing places. I'm thinking... that price increase is a little much... 

Check out some of my photos from my trips thus far... no filters were needed on these.  

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