About Last Night ...

First off thank you to everyone that came out last night for another Trivia night for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Thanks to DJ Bobby Roast Beef for hosting another fun/amusing game... loved DRINKO! And thank you to 7B's in WESTFIELD for hosting. 

Team KIX Trivia Butt of course can't win the prize... but if you haven't figured it out I'm competitive and always come to play. I was initially a little nervous about our performance as our usual ringer Nora was on vacation for last nights game. However, our team had all sorts of areas of trivia covered last night. Personally, I was pleased with myself coming up with the closest answer to the last question... 

Once upon a time I was really good at math... in fact I remember my dad suggesting I major in it when I was choosing a college major. PFFFF... nope! I'm not too shabby with every day math... I can move a decimal and double for tips. However, for the more complicated I do believe if you don't use it you lose it! Calculus... don't even try me... but multiplication/divisibility apparently I'm still OK with that! 

So the last question was worth 100 points to the team that could get their answer closest to the real one... 

Numers 0-200. How many in that range are both divisible by 6 and 8? My quick thinking... well there's 24. There's also 48 and 72... so I guessed 5. The real answer being 8. BOOOOOOM! Now upon longer thought under no pressure if you take 24 and just add 24 to each number you'll get your 8. 

24, 48, 72, 96, 120, 144, 168, 192

Our final answer placed us in a respectable 2nd, but still no match for team "Boats N Hoes"! Congrats! 

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