Game Boy ... Next To Come Back?

I've patiently been waiting to get my hands on the Nintendo NES (preloaded with 500 games) for a year now. Today I read that Game Boy is the next to make a comeback... kids this is what us adults did in our younger years (if our parents could afford it) rather than watch movies in the back of the car. The Game Boy should be coming loaded with 20-30 games. More Scoop here...

But upon reading the news of the Game Boy I decided for shiz & giggles that I'd head to ebay and see if the Nintendo NES was anywhere to be found for the $70 price tag that it originally retailed for, but was then pirated and resold to many at about $300. TODAY IS A MAGICAL DAY!!! I found a new one for $57. Now I did buy a $9 protection plan and the seller from China had a 97.9% satisfaction rate out of thousands... I'm keeping that as a good sign and come November hopefully I'll be so deep in Zelda and Mario you may not see me in public til 2018!!!

Oh and here's the Gameboy Commercial from the 80s... enjoy

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