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So this week I did something I have never done. I went back to a restaurant twice in a week. Now I eat out a lot! I love to eat and I love to socialize out with my friends. If you gave me a type of food I'd tell ya where my favorite places are to get it... try me! 

In the center of South Deerfield a new Italian restaurant ... Gianni Figs. I had a girlfriend go with her family a few weeks back and she couldn't stop raving about this new spot right up the road from where we live! 

Saturday some of us ladies nabbed some wine (currently it's BYOB) and headed to test this place out. What you see... the food porn... is what I ate! Filet Mignon topped with fried mashed potato and artichoke. I ate it all! And then topped it off with homemade tiramisu and cannoli (yes I shared). Last night I dabbled with Crazy Alfredo... alfredo with chicken and sausage with a little extra spice! SOOOO GOOD! 

Now not only is the food amazing, but the service was straight Italian hospitality. In my family the Italian runs on my moms side. I've always attributed my wise cracking & show of love with food to that side of the family. When we walked in we were greeted by Luigi who made sure we were more than comfortable... head enough bread (I'm a carb addict...specifically dinner rolls), chilled wine, and even though it had only been a few days between visits I was impressed he remembered us. He was also the one to bring us the desserts that he insisted we had to try! 

On Wednesdays... they have a guy that entertains the crowd by singing along to Sinatra, Ray Charles, he even threw in some Michael Jackson by request. Delicious food courtesy of owner/chef Gianni & amazingly hospitable service and overall atmosphere!! 

Check out the menu!

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