Prayers For Vegas

Thoughts on Vegas... 

Last night I arrived home from Arizona at 10PM. My plan was immediately to go to bed to get back on East coast time. I felt vacation refreshed and was excited to get back today to share with you some fun stories. Now I happened to glance at Twitter before passing out and saw that there had been a shooting in Vegas, but didn't look at the article to see where/how many. It's been such a common occurrence that we are desensitized to these headlines. 

This morning I woke up to a few texts and Facebook messages asking if I was OK. Some knew that I was on vacation on the West Coast and others just thought the Route 91 Harvest Festival would be something I would attend (yes it would be) and they wanted to make sure all was good. 

My immediate thought when I wrapped my head about what was unfolding was digging up the phone number of the winner we sent to the festival. It must have been about 4AM her time when I texted, but thankfully Katie got back to me almost immediately to say she had left the show about two hours prior to the shooting. She was OK, but understandably shaken. I cried in relief.  

I've been a bit emotional all morning ...checking FB regularly for updates. This country community behind the scenes is not all that big. DJs, programmers, artists, record reps... the fans! I've worked in this business now for about 10 years and I can tell you this is a format like no other. The bonds between artists and fans... fans with fans... this is hitting home for so many of us that live for going to these shows. 

When you go to a show you're excited because it's time to release, connect, listen to your favorite songs! The songs you have to see your favorite artists perform on stage! For me those connections are some of the times I feel pure happiness ...I chase that rush and I know so many feel the same way about this music we love.  Will this stop us from going to these shows? No. And it shouldn't. But as a fan we know this easily could have been us or friends at that festival.  

At the time that I'm writing this the death toll is up to 58 and the injured are at 514. I'm sickened and saddened. This is the deadliest shooting in US history. People are already taking political stances on this and clearly discussion needs to happen. But right now let's remember that easily any of us hardcore country music fans could have decided to take a trip to this amazing festival. We may have friends there now and not everyone has been accounted. 

If you are looking to locate someone the number 1-866-535-5654. 

If you are looking to assist Southern Nevada chapter of the American Red Cross, accepts donations online, by phone at 702-369-3674, or by mail at 1771 E. Flamingo Road, #206B, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119.

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