So This Happened To Me This Morning...

Disclaimer - You are free to believe whatever you wish... as long as you are a kind person and don't infringe on others happiness I could give a crap about what you choose to believe. Like many I would say sometimes I struggle with the idea of God, but I do believe in one. This morning started pretty regular except for the first time in a long while I prayed. I just feel like I needed a little extra life guidance on a few things so I out loud chatted with the big chief.

And then my journey to work began... I made a stop at the gas station. The guy opposite my pump just decided to strike up conversation & instead of going into New England mode I thought how nice to chat and genuinely wish a stranger to have a good day. Next stop Palazzo Cafe in Springfield for breakfast. As I waited at the counter to cash out this gent says to the woman at the cashier... "she'll pay for mine too". I laughed and said "I work in radio... I don't make much". He responded "in that case I've got what she ordered". I told him not to worry about it I was just being a wise ass & I got breakfast and coffee. He insisted. I looked up on the counter and there in front of me was a statue of Jesus. 

Shades down... eyes started to well up. I just had a feeling of perhaps confirmation that I was at least heard & that everything would be OK and work out the way it's intended. To the kind man at the gas station & Dave who works at credit union somewhere in the downtown (I will find you!!!) you've made my day! PSA - get out of your own head today and be kind to a stranger!

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