I Saw IT! Thoughts...

The original IT TV movie with Tim Curry as Pennywise is exactly the reason I'm not fond of clowns anymore. Last night I finally saw the flick with two of my oldest friends.  Thankfully the character of Rich Tozier in the movie provided serious comic relief as the stuff out of his mouth straight up reminded me of my friend John sitting next to me. I was in hysterics at one point. 

The rest of the movie I cluted my sweatshirt up to my face in case I needed to hide. It did happen a few times and for the record I did sleep with a light on outside my bedroom last night. Tonight I think I may actually be OK, but Bill Skaarsgard DEF a creepy Pennywise. Watching this also helped me see some serious parallels between this movie and the show Stranger Things which the kid who plays Richie is also in. I give this version of IT... TWO THUMBS UP!  

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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