Is The Gym A Good Place To Pick Someone Up?

Is the gym a good spot to pick someone up? According to a recent study ... all depends on what you're looking for! Now in ones 30s I feel like it's not a terrible spot because clearly you already have some common ground ... as of yet though I've just met some really cool friends. 

Here's the stat break down... 

97% of people that have hit on someone at the gym got something out of the exchange... 

66% said it led to a hook up

61% said it let to at least a date 

24% said it turned into a relationship. 

I'd say in this battlefield of dating... those are good odds! Just don't hit on someone during cardio...their main focus in that moment is breathing! 

Some interesting stats here to about probability of success based on protein shakes and mirror flexing... seriously(Metro


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