FGL - Nelly- Chris Lane - Ryan Hurd

Highlights from Friday - 

1 - Walking through the lots and running into some of our fave listeners... GARY! And finally getting to meet a listener that interacts with me on Instagram...Holly came up to introduce herself so now I had a real face behind the social media account and she was so sweet and an awesome dog momma that we were able to upgrade her seats! Ya never know what goodies I'm holding on to! 

2 - Chris Lane! He's king of throwing together an epic mash up... sadly I had an oopsie and lost that video so enjoy a clip of his latest "For Her" which is amazeballs! 

3 - Ryan Hurd - he seemed so reserved in the radio room that when he hit the stage it wasn't what I expected... in a good way! So entertaining to watch & listen to. He reminded me stage performance wise as a Chris Robinson or Eddie Veddar! Download LOVE IN A BAR!!! 

4 - Nelly! I don't need to say more than that. 

5 - FGL!!! I don't need to say more than that either, but check out their stage entrance! 

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