Country Music Reacts To Charlottesville

Personally I do try to stay away from any topics that could spawn a political conversation. In my eyes hanging with you every afternoon should be about entertaining and lightening your day. However, there are moments in all our lives that we shouldn't keep our mouths shut and Saturday was a moment for all of us. I never thought I would see such an organized group of KKK (or whatever they're calling themselves) members on the news... to me that was something I read about in history books. Apparently not. 

Preservation of history/display of symbols that have come to represent different things to different people... that is an issue to talk out. However, people from many parts of the country got together, marched on Charlottesville, and used that statue in debate as their platform to organize and spew hate. That is what scares me the most... how many hateful people are out there that have been quiet and suddenly feel like they are strengthening enough to organize in the way that they did this weekend. 

A few country stars used their platforms to put out their own personal messages about Charlottesville and I'm happy that they did. Spread love! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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