How Much Of An Age Gap Is Too Much?

I'd like to think age ain't nuthin but a number...but really that's not the case. Attraction and stage in life are two big factors I think matter when it comes to relationships. Still holding out for the best case scenario! 

Now a new study found that both men and women you marry much younger initially report they're very happy. However, after 6-10 years of marriage when there's a big age gap things tend to crumble! The study doesn't say though what they consider a big age gap. SOOOO what's too old? Full study here.  

The reason why the big age gaps can crumble relationships... money! What if one loses a job...needs to retire and save... again stage in life! 

Personally I used to say that I would never date anyone old enough to be my dad, but what is that really. Someone under the age of 67? HELL NO! I tend to think my cut off at 32 year would be 40. The short explanation... my stage of life. 

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