Fried Goat Cheese Balls - Salad Game Changer

I'd like to think I'm modest about most things I'm good at... my cooking skills however I am not! I'm good! The first time I experienced a fried goat cheese ball out to eat on a salad I knew I had to replicate it. I've seen a number of recipes on Pinterest, but some use certain types of oils and certain types of bread crumbs. 

What I know... it's all about canola oil and panko! 

Buy yourself a log of plain goat cheese. Roll a little bigger than gumball sized balls. Dip them in flour, whisked egg, and then a bowl of panko crumbs. Heat canola oil up on the stove and drop your balls (yes I know that sounds dirty). You'll have to flip ....maybe after about 3 minutes give it a little check, but you'll want both sides of the panko to look a little browned. 

Everything else you want to put on your salad it's all up to you! Last night mine had chicken, pecans, shredded beats, and blueberries! But trust me it's all about the fried goat cheese!

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