Do you work a second job?

Some interesting statistics for you ... 44 million Americans work 2nd jobs. Most are (GASP) Millennials! Not all of us are lazy ;-) The majority work those 2nd jobs to pay bills. Millennials specifically work to pay down their student loans. 

Personally ... I worked a side job until I was 25 so I could pay bills and still have some sort of saving. I had a new car & my first solo apartment and I wanted to pay that whip down in less than 5 years! 

At 32... I would totally take a side gig if it worked with my crazy schedule so I could pay some shiz down faster! 

Do you have a second job?

How old were you when you stopped working a side gig? 

Check out some more interesting bits about 2nd jobs in America right now.

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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