My Play Of The Day - Levon "Ms. Marianne"

Levon popped by our studios a few weeks back for a radio tour. It's what the record labels do when they want to introduce us to new acts... these guys were so much fun and this song got a reaction from us for sure! 

The song was inspired after one of the members went out with an older woman who was recently celebrating her release back into the wild world of dating. 

When I play you the new stuff... if you like it make sure to call in and let me know so we can let the boss know! This jam doesn't even go for radio adds for another couple weeks (in this business that's when the record companies ask radio stations all over the country to put their new songs into their playlists - no I don't get to play exactly what I want).  "My Play of the Day" is the one time during the show that I can play you exactly what I want. Sometimes it's new artists like this that I think you should check out! 

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