Prime Day - What's the big deal??

I'm not much of a shopper. I buy what I need when I need it & I don't often buy things just because I want them. BUT... I've heard multiple people today talking about Amazon Prime and how Prime Day is tomorrow and they're SOOOO excited. 

Amazon pushes it as more deals than Black Friday! Our Social Media Guru has been waiting for red shoes she bought last year for just $16 to go back up! I've seen the greatest deals are to be on games and gaming consoles. My fingers are personally crossed for the Nintendo Mini which should be $60, but still is sold for upwards of $250 because months after XMAS it's still in crazy demand. 

Here's a detailed article about how the deals will be working starting tonight at 9PM... 

30 hours starting at 9PM for Amazon Prime users. Every five minutes new deals released and at the top of every hour Amazon will stream what items will be released during that hour. 

And if you happen to see some Nintendo Minis going up ... hollah at me on Twitter "AmandaJoDJ" 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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