Pretty Little Liars Ends Tonight - Some Theories

For 7 seasons the show Pretty Little Liars has been blowing our minds with twists and turns as to who is A! There have been a few different As who have eventually been revealed, but for this last season the identity of A.D will have some huge ramifications for everything we thought we knew. There have been some interesting theories out there... I tend to lean toward the Spencer is a twin theory. I had suspicions and a recent episode where she was at the airport with Wren seemed super sketch! Why were they meeting? Wasn't she just in a coffee shop? And why did she tell Ezra not to mention he saw her? We know Mary Drake (Spencer's biological mother) had two kids. One may assume the 2nd was CeCe "Charles" (check out the venn diagram my friends and I created to keep parents straight). However, maybe the two were the twins and maybe CeCe met one while she was in Radley. A.D. could legit be A. Drake. 

All will unfold for sure tonight but here are some theories.

 And here is the evidence behind the one that I most support!

Oh and check out the photo I snapped over the weekend in Northampton. I saw it and immediately thought Pretty Little Liars! 

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