Office Kitchen Rules

This morning I walked into our kitchen outside the studios to find the special "gouda & garlic" pita chips that I eat with hummus in the afternoon to be on the counter, unclipped, and ravaged! If the perp had only taken some and actually left me with my planned snack for the afternoon I wouldn't be so enraged. However, they left the bag with just crumbs!!!! 

Now working at a radio station sometimes people send us food. I however always ask if it wasn't sent directly to KIX if it's communal and OK to eat. I never nab anything from the fridge or counters that I know I did not bring in. I even have a special clip which SCREAMS someone brought this from their home! 

I'm great at sharing! Take a few and leave me some... enough so I know that I'm almost out and need to buy a new bag. Don't leave me with crumbs! I planned on that afternoon snack and now it's vending machine city! 

Is it silly to think that if you didn't bring it you don't touch it? Or does one have to write their names on their food? 

I have a plan... retribution will be coming!!!! 

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