DIY How To De-Skunk

Last night around 10PM I got home to a torn up bag of trash. I thought must have been a raccoon. I cleaned it up and then noticed hmmm garage is open. I was about to close it when I realized the light was on which I believe is on a motion sensor. I wanted to make sure the barn cat wasn't about to get shut in. WELL as I walked into the garage out storms a SKUNK! I screamed for Roxy to get out of the way... luckily it was just as scared of us and wanted to just get away without nailing us with a putrid scent! 

Now I always thought it was tomato juice that got rid of the scent. NOPE. I was also told douche (so many jokes) could get rid of the scent. NOPE. In fact there's a whole MythBusters episode that backs up the below process! 

MythBusters Findings Here

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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