Workout Country Playlist & Shorts That Don't Ride

Since the last half marathon Team Pumped Up KIX ran for St. Jude in December I drastically cut back on running to work on strength. My thought... build up the muscles in my legs so that my knees don't hurt! Now about 5 months out from the next half in November St. Jude... it's time to start running again! 

The other night one of our iHeart head honchos Instagrammed our "Workout Country" playlist on iHeart Radio (it's FREE...if you don't have the app download and just search for Workout Country) so I decided to give it a spin this morning! LOVED IT! Def kept me moving through the sweat! 

SO... song motivation... CHECK! 

Now my dilemma ...running shorts. This morning I ran in long pants as I have yet to find a could pair of running shorts that don't ride up! I need the shorts to stay put as I don't want to keep fishing out a frontal wedgie AND I don't need my thighs to as I call "chub rub" because I don't want to chafe! (Disclaimer - By using the word "chub" I don't think I'm fat... thigh gap is not real for most - in fact there's a little something called Body Glide created for runners to help the rub... the struggle is real!) 

If you know of great running shorts PLEASE help a girlfriend out! 

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