This Sam Hunt Song Should Have Been A Hit!

So this song is a bit of a mystery to me. Sam initially released this independently in 2013 and then included it on what became the monster album "Montevallo". About a year ago radio added this song into rotation, but soon after pulled back to release "Make You Miss Me". I don't always know the total behind the scenes dirt, but I do recollect a radio programmer say that Sam hadn't released a new single quick enough so radio decided to release this... AND then they decided on "Make You Miss Me". Which I think cut short the life of this song on the mass airwaves. I LOVE THIS SONG! 

FYI - "What's In My Phone" will now be called "Amanda Jo's Play Of The Day" ... 

A - it rolls off the tongue better

B - I don't always jam out to songs on my phone, but GASP I do still play CDs in my car 

3 - I had to explain too many times to an artist what #wimp meant. I think they thought I was mocking them & clearly if they see it on social they need to know it's a good thing! Always think out your acronyms! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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