Snaps To Lindsay Ell For Calling It How It Is!

Let me be clear in saying that I think this is the best country in the world to live in for opportunity and you can be whatever you want. That doesn't mean though that there aren't things/people that will try to hold you back from things that may be easier for others. 

Being a woman in this business can be tough! Over the weekend Lindsay Ell was playing shows on the West Coast with Brad Paisley and Chase Bryant. She and Chase were to play an acoustic show before the big one that night at a non iHeart radio station. One that does not carry The Bobby Bones Show. This offending station (not the Wolf as despite who she dates still welcomed her to their station) decided to ask Lindsay not to perform because of her "personal life"... 

Instead of keeping her mouth shut which many women in this business may tend to do; she called out the station for their injustice. The station received much backlash on social media and eventually apologized for their "bad decision". 

This is something that would not have been pulled on a man...period! 

KUDOS Lindsay for not just taking it! 

Bobby has been very careful to not address who he dates on-air out of respect for her career. Clearly this was something that couldn't be ignored. Thanks to Bobby too for not hiding the dirty behind the scenes stuff that can happen to the ladies and for being such a supporter of women in country! 

This Friday he has deemed "National Download A Female Day"... I'll provide some suggestions soon, but check out Brad Paisley & Lindsay Ell the night after the incident... Brad wasn't too happy with that station either!

Also check out a pic from the show that my sister sent me... she lives in San Fran and witnessed this performance in person! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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