Greenfield Fire Dept. Rescue Dog & Cats

9 residents were displaced in Greenfield last night after a house fire on Davis Street. Firefighters were able to contain the flames to the 2nd floor of the multi family unit & they were able to rescue 2 cats and a dog from the home. There are pics of one of the firefighters cradling the pup and it just about melted my heart. Thank you to all the firefighters that risk their lives for not only us, but our fur babies too! 

One of my fears... when the weather person tells you there could be strong storms I'm afraid of leaving Roxy at home. Not because she's afraid of storms... but because in my dramatic mind I picture on crazy storm days that there's a chance that a tree limb catches on fire or lightening strikes the right spot to set my apartment on fire with my fur child inside and me not there to get her out. Needless to say Roxy is with me today in the studio just in case! 

*The Red Cross is assisting the families. 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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