My Top 5 - Luke Combs "This One's For You"

I was driving in today already having been through the album a few times I thought it's been since Eric Church's "Sinners Like Me" where I've had an album that I don't skip songs. If anything I'll restart a few of the tunes a few times before moving on. It was interesting that when I got into the studio I saw Luke's post below on his Facebook... Church inspired him! 

Now this album is what I call a MONSTAH because I do believe any of the songs could be singles. However, there are a few that I mentioned I repeat a few times before proceeding with this album so my top 5 excluding Hurricane because you already know that one... 

#5 - Beer Can - Track 4

#4 - Memories Are Made of - Track 2 

#3 - Don't Tempt Me - Track 7 

#2 - When It Rains It Pours - Track 8 

MY #1 Pick - Lonely One - Track 3 

These are my top 5, but don't cherry pick... Download this whole album today! 

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