My Weekend - The Bone Frog Challenge

This Saturday I was reminded of two very important things... 

A - How hard men and women in our armed forces have to work to be prepared for all sorts of conditions 

B - The importance of sunscreen 

To date the Bone Frog Challenge this year at Berkshire East was the hardest mud run I have taken on. I've done a few Tough Mudders (hypothermia is a thing and it's not fun!) and I've done Bone Frog every year it's been at Berkshire except last year. 

The Bone Frog Challenge is owned and operated by local Navy Seals. Since their first run at Berkshire about 5 years ago it's grown to a few more locations across the country. 

This year they switched up the route on the mountain. I was expecting about 4 hours to take on 9 miles and 36 obstacles. It took my crew and I 5:13 minutes. WHY I didn't think to put on sunscreen on such a marvelous day... well I'm an idiot. 

This year the route took us up and down the mountain about 3 times on steep incline. By the time we got to "The Punisher" ...the third incline in the woods up the mountain I thought I may actually cry. Clearly I sucked it up reminding myself... our men and women in the military do this on the this I internally yelled at myself "show some respect and stop being a baby!" 

Despite the difficulty I do enjoy a good mud run and this one did show off a few things in past years I was not able to do... the last obstacle of the course every year in front of all the spectators is something I've never been able to complete (see the pic below).  This year I was able to climb the rope wall without any help and I got myself across the monkey bars without dropping into the net... BOOM! Strength training does wonders. 

Now the beer at that point was clearly something that was well deserved, but the best moment no matter how tired, sore, and burned I felt was having a medal placed around my neck from a retired Navy Seal on Armed Forces Day. 

THANK YOU! To all our men and women serving... Saturday was a reminder how hard you all work to protect our freedom. 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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