My Adam Craig - Richard Marx Epiphany!

Let me take you through a timeline... 

Last summer Adam Craig was brought through our studios on a radio tour. He played us the song "Reckon" which I believe is what they wanted to push as the first single. I liked it... BUT then he played "Just A Phase" . Anytime I had an opportunity to play it in my car "Ryman" for my country loving friends I would. I loved the voice and the lyrics... this shouldn't be a song that moves up the charts and just goes away... (dear Program Directors that's my official input)!

Heading into summer 2017 "Just A Phase" is released to radio ...we've been playing it! I do a little more creeping and discover Mr. Craig also wrote another of my favorite tunes Parmalee's "Close Your Eyes"! I put a little pressure on social media and the airwaves & he plays it in his set opening for Luke Bryan at the Xfinity Theatre 5/13. Clearly my night was made. 

Today... he has a little feature on his Facebook "NMF" (New Music Friday) and plays a little tune "Why Can't She" ... Killin Me Smalls ...LOVE IT! 

So I thought to myself what is it about this guy... LIGHT BULB! He's my country Richard Marx! At least once a week I dig something up from my Richard Marx greatest hits collection ... typical go to jams "Take This Heart" , "Hold On To The Nights"..."Hazard" (really what did happen to Mary?). I never tire of a good Marx jam. AND even once his heyday passed I could still recognize his writing style. NSYNC "This I Promise You"... 1st time I heard that I thought this sounds like a Richard tune. I checked the CD sleeve and heck yes he was a writer! The writing situation in regards to Adam is reversed, but the point is he can write a damn good song even if I don't realize it until after the fact! 

Get on the bandwagon! Check out what he dropped this morning on his FB, DOWNLOAD his single "Just A Phase" and for funzies I threw in my favorite Richard Marx tune!  

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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