Top 5 - Luke, Brett, Adam Craig Xfinity 5/13

Saturday night we kicked off the concert season at the Xfinity Theatre in Hartford. The weather wasn't stellar, but that didn't stop the bar getting set high for the shows to come... Top 5 Moments 

#5 - 1st Grilled Cheese of the season! I order the mutt because they put potato sticks in the sandwich 

#4 - Hearing "Just A Phase" from Adam in concert... I became obsessed with this last summer when I first heard it and I don't think I'll ever get bored with it... DOWNLOAD THIS JAM! ( 

#3 - Why hello Mr. Eldredge... he didn't linger long after his set as he was off to Vegas for the Miss America pageant, but he's always been super personable and I loved watching "Lose My Mind" from back of the stage (sorry I don't have a clip of was in my Snaps and like a dodo I forget to save) 

#2 - LUKE! If yea came for those signature booty dropping MOVES ...he didn't disappoint! He may have also brought the rain...but rain is a good thing! (see what I did there) ...I loved the opening to his set! 

#1 - SO maybe he added it to the set because I talked about it on-air...and social media pressured him... BUT I'd like to think he personally added this song just for me. I LOVE the song "Close Your Eyes" which was written by Adam Craig and made popular of course by Parmalee... before Adam hit the stage he let me know he and the band had to practice a song for their set that they don't normally play... I asked which one... AND BAM! My number 1 moment... I got one of my favorite jams and maybe developed a new country crush! THANK YOU Adam! 



#4 - Just A Phase! 


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