Tim & Faith - Dreams Made!

Friday night before the show at Mohegan my dreams were made! Tim & Faith are the two that made me fall in love with country! I shared a story with them about the last time they were on tour together 10 years prior (it was the first show I paid to see)... 2007 I saw them at the Garden in Boston with some of my roomies from college...we were way up in the rafters. Well one spilled a beer so to sop it up she came back from the bathroom with the entire roll of brown paper towels. I then had the genius idea to start passing it along the top of the arena (my master plan was to see how far it would spread and once it was out that we would all stand and wave it so maybe Tim & Faith could see us). Well the roll made it halfway around the arena and when I got up to stand and started to motion to everyone to do the same... well they were not catching on to my master plan. I shared this gem Friday night with Tim & Faith and as they walked out of the room Faith turned back and said to me... "If I start to see toilet paper around the arena I'll know it was you"! 

The show was spectacular and if you didn't catch it, but will be seeing it in July in Boston...prepare to be in awe! 

KIX 100.9 · Pioneer Valley's Country - Springfield

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