How Not To Be A Bro At The Gym

So I came across this list of what makes someone a "bro" at the gym. Yes this applies to women too. Is the female version a "bra"? 

Well the list had me thinking back to the most ridiculous I've ever seen at the gym. I could hear this animal sound over my headphones. I was clearly alarmed and popped the headphones out to find it was one of my good friends getting his swell on way on the other side of the gym! 

SO... what makes one a bro? 

Grunting like an animal

Dropping weights (unless you're at a Cross Fit gym...there's no need for this) 

Cursing loudly while lifting 

Hogging machines 

Singing loudly over your headphones 

*The above hyperlinked list also notes staring at one self in the mirror. Having just discovered a love for weights I'll say there is such a thing as excessive staring...or maybe flexing to flex and staring...but if you are doing a movement sometimes you need the mirror to watch that your form is right! 

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