GOAL! Some Personal Fitness Success!

Today I wrapped up my 13 weeks of personal training sessions with Henri at Healthtrax. I've shared my story in past, but if you don't know... I deal with anxiety/depression. In 2015 I decided that perhaps an anti-depressant would be beneficial for me. I stayed on it for almost a year and realized that it made me gain weight. I had slowly packed on 20 pounds from the start of the medication. Let's be real...that didn't help with my depression and I freaked. SO... I weened myself off of those meds and turned it up on my workouts. At my heaviest in March of 2016 (see exhibit A) I was 169.7 pounds. More alarming than that number though was my percent in body fat which was 28.8%. 

Today wrapping up my 2017 personal training sessions we did one final weigh in. 156.7 pounds - 21.8% body fat! Exhibit B below shows I don't need to lose or gain anything to be at an optimal level!!! 

There were days where I felt like progress was slow and I def got frustrated. I even put myself back on a new anti-depressant about a month ago. I was def nervous of sliding backwards, but this one shouldn't cause me to gain weight. 

**FYI if you have issues with your own mental health never feel ashamed or guilty. I know at times I would ignore it because I felt like compared to others...my life isn't bad and I shouldn't complain. But we shouldn't compare...it's not about who appears to have a better life and we all deal with things differently. We all could use a little extra help sometimes whether it be medication or talking to a third party.**

My first suggestion though when it comes to feeling down...try to work in a regular work out routine to see if that first boosts your mood. After all exercise is the most under utilized anti-depressant. In the words of Elle Woods from Legally Blond "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands". 

OH and BTW - my workout method of choice... weights! I love lifting weights and it's given me the most success! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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