Celebrate International Women's Day

So I've been pondering how to really celebrate the International Women's Day ...to me it's all about solidarity and lifting each other up! What better way to celebrate the strong girlfriends in your life! These are some of my most important ladies... 

The first ladies are my "soul sisters" ...my day 1 chicas! Lizzy, Krista, & I have known each other since the elementary days and became super close in those super awkward middle school years. These are the two women that know me best...the two women you call when something is wrong and they know exactly what to say that will make me feel at peace! 

Lizzy is an amazing trainer...she's been training me since our younger years. I've never been able to keep up! Krista is the master juggler! Working mom, wife, fitness fanatic and generally the life of any room she is in! 

There's also Brit & Katie. Katie (middle) and I go back to the days she wouldn't share colored pencils from her purple dinosaur (even if I start to lose my mind in old age I won't forget that). She knows her colors well! She also is a master juggler! An excellent kitchen designer, mom of 2, and she should get a 2nd job as a private detective for her master "creeping" skills! She's always been there for me when shiz gets real and if I ever need to egg an exes car (no...I've never done that, but you get what I'm saying) she'd be driving the getaway car! Or she'll be the first to text me to see if I need a bottle of wine to drown my sorrows!

Brit helps to run her family business, coaches field hockey, and is about to welcome her 2nd child as well! In High School I'll admit I took her "quietness" for her perhaps not being the most fond of my loudness. However, I soon learned I was way off and she's one of the most caring people you'll ever have in your life! She's also a sick marbs player! 

Then there's Meira - roomie/bestie! She's been putting up with me for just about ten years now. We got close through our boyfriends at the time. They didn't last, but we did! Vacations, adult summer camps, numerous concerts, and lots and lots of wine and wisdom has been shared. I'm the bigger hot head and she's way more zen than I am. The yin to my yang? She's an insane Spin Instructor...no I don't take her class because I can't keep up with her hamster legs, but so many women swear by her and her amazing energy. 

Now Kate came along because of my man bestie. He married this lady and I may just like her more ;-) Kate is an optimist, likes to get silly, and is one of the sweetest ladies you'll ever meet! Last year she welcomed her first child. Olivia is healthy now, but had a rough start. Kate demonstrated amazing strength and has since become a crusader for Baystate Children's Hospital! She's also an amazing hair dresser! 

And Shelby!!! Sometimes I call her my fun friend because well her and I are the last two single ladies standing! Don't be fooled by her quiet demeanor. She's always down for a good time. Has a hollow leg (seriously I've still not seen her drunk). And will never forget a birthday or any important milestone! She runs her own golf course! Yes another lady entrepreneur!

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