Tuesday Fitspiration! Adrienne Osuna!

So I've shared the reasons behind my 2016 weight gain (Full Story) - The short version...I went on anti-depressant that caused a slow weight creep and by the time I caught it and got off the meds I discovered trying to take off almost 20 pounds to get back to "normal" is harder in my 30s than my 20s. 

155 is this number that I've had stuck in my head, but with all the strength training I've been doing I'm finding I feel better at currently 162 than I did at 155! I may look skinny in older photos, but currently I look and feel strong. I'm no longer working out because I'm obsessing about getting back to a number. I'm working out because I feel stronger and I like how that feels and how it looks. I know that muscle weighs more than fat...so as long as I feel strong forget what that scale says! 

I've noticed a trend on social media where strong women are showing the differences between their weight before cleaning up their diet and exercising ...to now getting control of it all. I think it's a great reminder that the scale is a number...some of us (myself included) can get too hung up on it! 

This one mom Adrienne Osuna has for the last eight months been giving some great perspective on her Instagram! GET IT GIRL!!! 

Keep on working on your fitness! Slow and steady will get you there! That motto had me Shoulder Tapping into Tuesday this morning like WHAT at Healthtrax ;-) 

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