Coincidence or is the Universe speaking to me?

Last week started off for me with a bit of a psychotic moment (I'll own it!). In trying to make sense of another failed relationship attempt I got fixated on the fact that this fail shared a birthday with one of the hardest fails of my life. While dating this recent guy I just chalked the birthday thing up to coincidence. However, last Monday in being so upset about this one not working out I reasoned in my head that this fail meant I should have just reached out to the first.

The first I had run into back in October and after enjoying his company I sulked for a few weeks, but did not contact him! I decided instead to hop back on online dating and met this latest guy. The birthday thing I thought was odd, but didn't fixate on until last Monday. In a moment of WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING and WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN I decided I should text the ex! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I should have told someone what I was thinking about doing so they could stop me! Nothing much came of the convo other some light pleasantries about how life is, but immediately when he responded I started screaming profanities and knew it was a terrible idea! Bright side it did give me a much needed laugh at my crazy moment.

Then the week progressively got weirder by no fault of my own.

Tuesday - I remember thinking to myself ...self you know who would give you a good laugh right now?...that guy "Steve" you used to hang out with. My friend Shelby and I had dinner plans...she was running late...I walked into the bar and there was "Steve". Turned into an impromptu welcome Tuesday night, but strange that I felt like I magically conjured him to be at the bar.

Thursday - Girls night in Noho! I'm telling stories about dating horror stories ...

A - The guy that kept staring at me during the movie 13 Hours like he wanted to make out with me! 1 - Nobody makes out during 13 Hours. 2 - He had no idea about what the movie in real life was based on. The fact I had to explain Benghazi hurt.

B - The strange man that stood behind me for hours one night in Noho who proceeded to not only stare at me for said amount of time, but also kept sniffing the back of my head. Of course none of the people alerted me initially to what was going on until he got too close and my bestie told him to stop and back off. He got a little kicked out...and we exited an alternate door so he wouldn't follow us to the car. It was perhaps maybe one of my most unsettling nights out.

WELL - during Thursday girls night who is at our 2nd stop, but odd Duck A! I avoided eye contact and made it out without having to say hello.

THEN - last night during dinner out with Shelby I look over to see the creepy hair sniffer! Like any normal person I snapped a pic for ID confirmation. The response back...RUN!!!

So either this last week besides my psychotic break is the universe taunting me or telling me to RUN!!!!!! I don't believe in that much coincidence and I try to believe that everything happens for a reason. I just don't know how to make sense of last weeks' reasoning! 

FYI if you believe the universe is sending you are some supposed ways!

My series of events is explained by "Synchronicity" which supposedly means I'm on the right path. Last week is a path a don't want to be on!  

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